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Links in guided template landing page not coming up in smart lists

Question asked by 0fd1fae337c630d717fdeb64aa45539b0157eb0a on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by Dave Roberts

hey all,


I recently created a guided landing page template, and used variables for the links, so that i could enable users to specify the links in their landing page without ruining the layout of the code.

however, i'm trying to set up reporting by way of smart lists, and I'm finding that Marketo is not finding the links specified by the variables in the finished landing page.


Has anyone else had this problem?

or is it just the case that I need to give Marketo a while to load the links into the system?


Example of code below:

<meta class="mktoString" id="node3URL" mktoName="node 3 url" default="" />

<a target="_blank" class="node--wrap active" id="node__r3" href="${node3URL}"></a>