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    Force assignment rule on implied Salesforce sync

    Anthony Pica

      The forms on our webpages belong to Marketo programs that are synced to Salesforce. When someone fills out a form, there's a flowstep that changes their program status, which implies a Salesforce action to create a new lead in Salesforce.


      The problem is that this implied Salesforce lead creation doesn't use Salesforce auto-assignment rules.


      As a workaround, we created a separate triggered smart campaign when someone fills out any form, and a flowstep for Sync Lead to SFDC (Assign to --Use Auto-Assignment Rules--). But auto-assignment rules still aren't being used, and I suspect that's because the implied Salesforce sync mentioned above is being triggered before this Sync Lead to SFDC smart campaign.


      Ultimately, if a lead is created in Marketo that's not yet in Salesforce, I want to ensure that the lead is created in Salesforce and uses auto-assignment rules. What's the best practice for this?

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          Devraj Grewal

          If the trigger you built is the first sync to SFDC (with auto-assignment rules) then SFDC's own auto-assignment should work. It is possible that the leads have already been synced from another smart campaign to SFDC before the smart campaign you built does so.


          Also when Marketo first syncs to SFDC, it adopts SFDC's own assignment rules. But if the lead has already been synced, a sync to SFDC with auto assignment will keep the owner as is.