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    How do you inform sales about what emails are going out next week?

    Amanda Song

      Let me elaborate more here. What I'm trying to figure out is how to let sales team know WHO (leads and contacts) in their target accounts will receive WHAT marketing emails (promo, nurture, etc.) in the next week or month. Has anyone received and addressed that request before?


      We were able to create a SFDC report (Campaign with Members) to see whom we already sent emails to, but it doesn't give us visibility into the emails that are going out. Because the email schedule can change a lot, and manually putting a date in the report is not sustainable given our email program volume.  It would be great if someone can shed some light on it.

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          Juli James



          You could use the Calendar function in Marketo to show all the planned email campaigns coming up and what the lists are. Or if you want to keep it in SFDC you can just add members to campaigns weeks/months prior to the send actually going out.  Adding someone as a campaign member shouldn't harm the lead/contact record, it just shows they're part of upcoming campaigns in the campaigns calendar in SFDC.


          Do you link your SFDC/Marketo campaigns together using the sync? If so, you could add them to the program in Marketo and it will automatically add them as a member in the SFDC campaign using a list, or smart campaign.


          Hope this helps?