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    Karenna Glover

      We are looking for a way to collect feedback from no shows on our webinar programs. We don't need a lot of feedback -- simply why didn't they show up with a list of options (forgot, ran out of time, etc.). We send a follow up email to no shows with a link to the recording, and that still is the #1 thing we want them to do -- watch the recording -- but we'd also like to know if there's anything we can do differently to increase our attendance.


      Currently no shows click on the recording link that takes them to a gated LP they must fill out to get to the recording. We still want that to happen, but if we can also understand where they were, that would be a bonus.


      Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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          Dan Stevens

          Why not just include custom field(s) within the form on the gated LP to capture this information?

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            Justin Norris

            Hey Karenna Glover,


            A few thoughts/ideas here:


            1) As Dan suggested, create a Marketo field to capture the data and add to the form you are using to gate the recording.


            If you go this route, there are various options for how to treat the field - from having a dedicated field in Marketo (like "Webinar No-Show Reason"), or mapping the data to a more general purpose field that you then copy over into a person notes field, or fancier stuff like consolidating a bunch of responses into an array that you can parse into a separate object in your CRM , a la Sanford Whiteman. I think Sandy has a few examples in the community if you search on building surveys with Forms 2.0.


            All in all, level of effort should probably be dependent on how many questions there are and how you might need to access the data in the future.


            One side note: if they are already a known lead, I wonder why you make them fill out the form again to access the webinar?


            2) Use Survey Monkey's Marketo integration or if you don't mind the data being separate and just want to collect some quick insights, use any other survey vendor of which there are many and include the survey link in your no-show email.



            Justin Norris | Perkuto

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              Dory Viscogliosi

              This might be what Justin is suggesting, but what if there were two links in the follow up email to view the recording? So they could answer and get to the recording all in one shot. You could then have something appended to the end of each of the two links so that you could easily differentiate.

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