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    Salesforce Custom Object Data Value Change Trigger

    Chris Vandermarel

      Hi Community! Hoping someone can help me.


      I've recently enabled a custom Salesforce object in Marketo. I see I can now trigger based on "added to <<custom object>>". I see I can constrain this trigger based on only those who match a constraint criteria that is a field in the custom object, which I assume only applies at the time of being associated to the custom object. What I'd really like to do is trigger based on a data value change to a field on the custom object, but I can't find a way to do it. The best I can see is to run a daily batch, but ideally I'd love to make it run in real time.


      It would be fantastic if Marketo added a "data value changed on <<custom object>>" trigger which could then be constrained to new and/or old values of specific fields.


      Has anyone run into this? Any thoughts?