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I need an account manager

Question asked by 0e338b51b961e5e77a2c6853072998350e1ada41 on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by Mike Reynolds

I am hoping someone in the community can help me. I have been a Marketo customer for over a month now. I have never been assigned an account manager despite many promises. I am having some integration issues because my CRM is Sage. I have various needs to discuss and no one will answer my inquiries. I have tried working through my Onboarding rep who is doing a great job but that also is fruitful.


I went on Marketo website and looked within the community and found no way to contact an executive. Also I see no executive assigned to customer support/success;etc.


Has anyone had a similar experience in the past. Does anyone have email or phone number to someone at Marketo who can help me?




Michael Cross