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    Data Extract by Marketo Table (full dataset)



      Is there a way to extract data from Marketo tables within Marketo? I'm not an API coder so I'm looking for the functionality within Marketo.


      I'd love to get a full list of:

      (1) Emails we've sent

           Email Id, Email Name, Datetime Sent

      (2) Leads that were targeted for those email (initial send list pre-delivery failure)

           Lead Id, Email Id, Email Send Id, Email Address

      (3) Successful deliveries

           Email Send Id, Delivery Datetime

      (4) A full list of Unsubscribes

           Lead Id, Unsubscribe Date, Unsubscribe Reason, Unsubscribe source (a link back to an Email Send if possible or any other source)


      I want to be able to extract the full set of information without having to go into each campaign or email separately.  That would be so many manual extracts.. my hope is that this can just be a few and I can import the data into a MySQL database to run some queries off of.


      Why the ask? I'm looking to use this to study our unsubscribes.  I want to know:

      (1) How often are we emailing our leads - # of sends by lead within any timeframe

      (2) Of those who have unsubscribed, how many emails did they receive within 7 days (or any timeframe)  prior to their unsub?

      (3) Is there a specific email type (webinar invite, tradeshow invite, whitepaper mention, etc..) or email pattern that leads to unsubscribes?


      I hope this makes sense - I was thinking this would be easy but I can't seem to find a way to get the data I'm after in larger extracts.