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    Organize Program Status?

    Amy Bui

      Anyone know how to organize program status? I tried to reorganize them in channel by adding numbers and for some reason, it's now showing up that way. It's all mixed up and random. I even tried changing the step number and still isn't working.



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          John Westley

          I think I'm following your question ... go to Admin > Tags > Edit


          Then choose the program type you're trying to organize.


          And change the step numbers. It's best practice to leave gaps so you can add in steps later if you'd like.





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              Amy Bui

              Hey John!


              Thanks for the tip. Because I'm building a lead lifecycle system, all of my steps are the same "10". A lead can go from Recycled back to MQL at any point so I didn't build it to have different steps. My work around it was to rename everything based on the order that Marketo set. Pain in the **** but at least it's fixed.