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    Leads created for new Contacts uploaded in SFDC campaigns

      We uploaded a list of contacts in SFDC campaign, and pulled these members of SFDC campaign in a smart list to send out an email.

      What we found in the list results that Marketo is displaying more records in the results. Those additional records were the lead records for our contacts.

      Also, we found that in Salesforce, Marketo sync user has created those lead records for some of these new contacts that we have added in the SFDC campaign.



      - Does Marketo creates a lead record automatically for all new contacts that are uploaded manually as a list import in Salesforce? Is that a default process?

      - Do we have to upload these contacts as leads first in Salesforce? and convert them into contacts?


      Thanks for your support.

      - Fahad.

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Fahad,


          Yes, Marketo will create new records (leads) for every new lead or contact you upload and create in SFDC, even if that same contact already exist in SFDC, but also if this recors exists as a lead in Marketo only.


          The fact that you create them as lead in SFDC first will drive the exact same result. What you need to do is to avoid to create duplicates in the first place.


          It is better to upload, if you can, new leads in Marketo and push them to SFDC. On list import, unlike SFDC Sync, Marketo will always dedupe the import against existing entries in Marketo.



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