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    Marketo Program to SFDC Campaign sync

      anybody using the SFDC campaign sync feature in Marketo? We aren't and I'd like to understand the benefits versus pitfalls of using the feature.

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          Digital Pi

          Hi Carol,


          This is a great question to post onto Marketing Central Discussions.  You will get more responses there.


          If you connect a Marketo Program to a SFDC campaign in the program set up feature its an open pipe that goes both ways.  The nice thing is that it will auto create the SFDC campaign with the type and all the statuses to match from the Mkto program. If you are using the set up to connect to an already existing SFDC campaign, the statuses have to match.  That can be a pain. 


          The downside having this open pipe between the two is it will push everyone in the program over in the campaign so if you invite 20,000 people to an event, and you made those all members, then those folks would also be members of that SFDC campaign. 


          If you just use the flow step to sync to an already existing SFDC campaign you have more control, however, you have to go and manually create that campaign in SFDC and set the statuses to the same if you wish or not. 

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            How critical is it that the Marketo Channel Tags align with the SFDC Campaign Status'? I'm thinking in order for this to be an effective sync those values have to be aligned? Right?

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              Yes we are and I highly recommend it for the following reasons.


              1. Most sales teams report their numbers in SFDC, so when you can show contribution to revenue through many campaign touches, then you are all speaking from the same set of data and this creates more alignment.

              2. By using SFDC campaigns and having them auto-sync you don't have to worry about forgetting to create a campaign for the new campaign. This is key when managing a global environment.

              3. When using this, all your campaigns and programs are named consistently.


              Those are just my two cents. Hopefully this helped.



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                Just had a Marketo Mentoring session on this topic. Here are some tips for a successful implementation of this feature:

                1. Marketo Channels and Program Tags must align/match SFDC Campaign Types and Campaign Member Status’. AND they must be in the same rank order in both application

                2. SFDC Campaign sync is activated when the Lead becomes a Member of the Program. So best practice, is to add the contact to the program as a member as the very LAST step in any flow. Do not add contacts to programs at the time of new lead creation; this will cause the lead to sync to SFDC  before the lead data is appended and validated.

                3. Using this feature requires using Auto Assignment rules in SFDC. You can't override the lead owner in a flow step where the Program has the Campaign Sync activated. If you want to override the automated lead owner assignments in SFDC, then you have to right that lead flow outside the program that has the SFDC Campaign Sync enabled

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