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    Duration wait step

    Jessica Biblis

      What happens when you use duration in a wait step without specifying the time?


      For example: Wait 4 hours, wait must end Mon-Friday. Send email.


      If someone enters the wait step on Saturday at 9 a.m., when will they receive the email? Right at 12:00 am Monday? Or would it be Monday 4 hours after they entered the wait, at 1 p.m. Monday?

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          Devraj Grewal



          The wait step will wait 4 hours and then wait until the very next "Mon-Fri", which would be at 12a on Monday. But what you can do is choose a time for "Must End On" so the email flow step executes at that time of the day on Monday.


          Step #1:

          Wait 4 hours

          Type: Duration

          Duration: 4 hours

          Must End On: Mon-Fri 1:00PM

          Step #2: Send Email (email will be sent Mon at 1:00PM)


          If a lead runs through on Monday at 11AM, they will wait 4 hours (Mon 3PM) and then have to wait until the next Mon-Fri at 1PM, which will be Tues at 1PM.


          You can learn a bit more here: Wait - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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