Salesforce email about the MLM package being retired

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Sharing the sales email our Director of IT received from our Salesforce rep citing grave concerns over the MLM package being retired. Hope you enjoy a little laugh this afternoon


Subject: Courtesy alert of Marketo's MLM package no longer supported - Jan. 31st


hi Ryan,


Hope you're well; I'm part of Steve's Salesforce Account team.


As a valued Salesforce client currently on Marketo, I just wanted to reach out to see whether your team was aware that Marketo's MLM Appexchange product will no longer be supported as of Jan. 31st. It is the Appexchange product most of our clients use to sync Marketo and Salesforce.


What does this mean? A total of 16 fields in Marketo and 32 fields in Salesforce will no longer sync as of Jan. 31st, and a major project will need to be rolled out as only Salesforce Admins will have the authority to create these custom fields as a workaround. Many of our clients will also need to hire on additional services as there might be some strain on their IT resources. These 32 fields will need to be made available to the right user groups within the org, and also clients will need to figure out if any other Marketo fields of 3rd party apps that might be affected during this process. There is no universal testing mechanism to ensure that nothing breaks during this transition.


Are you aware of whether ACL is syncing Marketo to Salesforce via this Appexchange product?


Thanks Ryan,