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    Dynamics CRM with multiple email addresses

    Jennifer Mastrapasqua

      Hi Raleigh MUG. We are looking for a Marketo user that currently is synced with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Specifically how you handle the CRM begin able to accomodate a primary and secondary email address and how they are synced to Marketo.


      Feel free to reach out to myself or my peer (Jennifer Liebel, jennifer.liebel@captrustadvisors.com)




      Jennifer Mastrapasqua




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          Sydney Mulligan

          Hey Jennifer,


          From what I understand, Marketo can only have 1 primary email address field, and that's what it uses to dedupe. In order to have multiple email addresses synced to Marketo, I believe they would need to be created as separate leads in Dynamics.


          You may have more luck/get more responses by posting this in Products! Right now it's only visible to the people in the RDU group.