Scary Email from an SFDC Sales Rep? Don't Worry

Discussion created by e16d61a04e4a391624f546a7c43b6da534efe7dd on Oct 27, 2016

Hey guys,

We recently got this email from an SFDC Sales Rep - at first it set off panic in my body. But then I thought... no... this is just a sales tactic. And it is. The email implies that Sales Insights may no longer be supported... which is not true.


Here are the facts from Marketo: Changes to Marketo Salesforce Sync - Overview


See below for the email I received and please add to the discussion if you received this or have questions or concerns!


Email from SFDC:


As part of the Ability Network account team here at Salesforce, I was informed earlier this week that Marketo is retiring their MLM appexchange package come January 2017. We have been getting a lot of questions from current Marketo/Salesforce customers wanting to understand what this means for them (this includes all customers using Marketo Sales Insight, as MLM was a prerequisite for MSI).

Understanding you are a valued customer that utilizes both systems in tandem, I would like to connect with you to discuss how this will affect your Salesforce environment and ensure that you and your team are prepared when this package is sunset. I will also be including one of our experienced Marketing Specialists on the call to highlight certain workarounds within the Salesforce platform that may alleviate some of the anticipated issues.

Is there a particular day later this week or early next that works best with your schedule?