Helen Abramova

5 Reasons To Become MUG Speaker

Discussion created by Helen Abramova Champion on Oct 25, 2016

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I often reach out to our MUGeers regarding speaking at MUG meetings, and try to express why it is such a great opportunity. These are the major reasons for speaking at  MUG, and in general, participating in our meetings and discussions:

  1. Become visible! Whether you might look for a new job or employee, ask for a recommendation or advice, it is always better to be known and be connected, in a very relevant professional context. It is valid for both virtual Marketo community, local online and offline MUG group.
  2. Practice your presentation skills! And do it in a very friendly and compassionate environment, with people in the same boat, who are very probably struggling with the same challenges. No grading and no judgment, any practical experience is very welcome.
  3. Explore a topic! The best way to learn something is to teach it, isn't it? While putting your thoughts together, thinking and speaking through it, doing some research or at least comparing your experience with one of your peers - all that will give you much deeper insight, structured and validated knowledge.
  4. Give back! Share your knowledge and experience - help your peers to learn marketing technology, provide your expertise and support to those who are so eager to learn and apply new tips and advice.
  5. Contribute to Community! Let’s build a strong community that connects professionals, transfers knowledge, facilitates cross-pollination of insights and ideas. Let’s stay together!


On the other side, great thanks to our awesome speakers - trailblazers and Marketo experts!