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    Trigger campaign not working

      I have created a trigger campaign, which is supposed to send out a thank ou email once someone votes on a poll. 
      The campaign is as follows:
      - smart list: trigger - votes in poll
      - flow: change program status to 'voted', wait 2 minutes, send email (thank you email)

      but it doesnt seem to work - neither the new status nor the email gets send out.

      Can anyone spot any mistakes?

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          Hi Alexia,

          If you could elaborate on how the Smart List trigger works, perhaps accompanied by a screenshot, that'd help in diagnosing the issue :).
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            You may want to try create seperate campaigns for the program status change. That step is independent of the email send. You would then have one smart campaign for change program status to "Voted" and another one to send the email. Both of these could be based on the same trigger. 

            I typically use seperate campaigns to update program statuses.  Below is an example of email campaign 


            One last thing, Are you specifying the specific poll they voted on?