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    RCE Report - Program Revenue Stage Analysis Report, but not only for new members?

    David Gaible

      Hi Marketoers,

      I feel like there is (or should be) an easy answer to my question and maybe I'm just missing something. Is there an RCE Report that will answer my question "How can I measure the effectiveness of individual programs in moving all leads through my revenue stages?" The Program Revenue Stage Analysis report would be perfect, except that it only looks at new leads that the program generated. None of the other RCE reports work for this particular question - they either don't have a filter for Program or don't include the Stage as a measurement.

      I know I could create a 'Leads by Revenue Stage' report, and then include a filter for the program, but then I'd have to clone that report 20+ times for all the different programs I want to look at. Not exactly automation.


      What am I missing?


      Tagging some of the reporting gurus: Justin Norris Pierce Ujjainwalla Josh Hill