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Viewing field labels not field name in list view

Question asked by af38d93b249400d01b5c0bc433f1e92ed2554f01 on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2014 by af38d93b249400d01b5c0bc433f1e92ed2554f01
When in a list view, is it possible to view your field labels rather than the Marketo field name.  For example, let's say I use a field called Field01 on a survey.  On the form, I'll change the label of Field01, to something like a question I want the reader to answer, eg "Please rate the event presenter".  As I add more questions, I will change the label names on each addtional field, eg Field02, Field03 etc. 

When it's time for me to review the survey results, I want to be able to see the label names on the list view page rather than the field name since I won't remember what Field01, Field 02, Field03 is referencing.

Does anyone have a solution?