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    Filter all contacts of accounts with opportunities

    Nikhil Mirza

      Our Team has been struggling since quite sometime now to filter out leads, contacts of accounts that has opportunity (SFDC) above certain stage. We would want to avoid sending emails to these contacts who are already engaged with active opportunities. I do understand that we can filter out contacts that are associated with opportunities but we do not normally have all contacts associated with the opportunity.


      Is there any possible work around to filter out contacts from sending emails who has opportunities.

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          Juli James



          You should be able to use the filter in the Smart List Step of 'Not Has opportunity' and then you can say true and what stage I believe using the constraints.  I think that removes anyone who is at that stage of the opp or above?





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            Eric Vitucci

            We are using account based marketing and I am thinking we are going to have this same problem. If you filter out an opportunity with Stage it will only filter people who are associated with an Opp. Anyone not associated with an opp from the same company would still get an email. My only idea is to create a smart list with all of the companies/accounts in SFDC using company name, with an open opportunity and use that as a suppression list.


            However this isn't scale-able, there doesn't seem to be a good way to update the list when a new opp is created. Seems like a big hole for account based marketing.

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              Darrell Alfonso

              You could try having a trigger campaign that listens for "added to an opportunity" and then add that lead/contact to a smart list, and always exclude that smart list.


              The other thing I am thinking about is a work flow (on the SFDC side) that automatically checks off marketing suspended if an opportunity is created, but you would have to have a pretty savvy SFDC admin.

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                Grégoire Michel

                This question belongs to the Products  section. Marketing central is for generic marketing questions. Read this: ** PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING YOUR MARKETO PRODUCT QUESTIONS HERE **


                The answer to your question is that you can create a couple of fields on the account object and a workflow that does the trick:

                1. Create a rollup summary field on the account object that counts the number of open opportunities. Name that field "NOO" Hide it from the Marketo sync user and do not display it on the account page layouts
                2. Create a number (18,0) field on account, name it "Nb of Open Oppies" and make it accessible from the Marketo sync object
                3. Create a workflow on the OPPORTUNITY object. Make sure that workflow fire every time an oppy is created or edited, with a formula rule = True so that always fires. In that workflow, add a field update that updates the field account.Nb of Open Oppies and copies to it the value of account.NOO__c


                This will make sure that each time an opportunity is updated, the accounts is updated and sync"ed with Marketo, and the account.Nb of Open Oppies is always up to date in SFDC and Marketo.


                The field account.Nb of Open Oppies will be updated in Marketo each time an opportunity is added to an account or updated. You will be able to user filters on this field as well as Data Value Changes triggers and Data Valued Changed triggers.