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    Starting out with ABM - teething issues with lists?

    Mark Farnell

      We're just starting out on the ABM journey and are using the new ABM product to support this.  We're seeing some unusual behavior in the selection of named accounts via CRM (have a case raised, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same behavior)


      For context we have set up a custom field that ABM can use as a filter to select ABM accounts from CRM.  For our first list, around 200, ABM could only see about 180.  We think this is because ABM only displays each unique domain, or accounts with a domain,  but can't see confirmation of this in docs i.e. if there were 2 marketo.com domains, only 1 account would be listed in ABM.  How this physicaly works should be in docs (can't see it here Discover Accounts - Marketo Docs - Product Docs )


      So to test this we ecided to null out the checkbox on the CRM side, tidy the data and then look again - BUT 2 accounts were left behind ie they are marked as checkbox = true in ABM, but are false in CRM.


      As I said, we have a  case on this, but would be interested to see if others are having issues.  For me, the most important part of ABM is getting the right accounts in, and so far we're having problems with that.

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          Hi Mark


          First of all welcome to ABM! :-).


          There could be multiple reasons why you are seeing mis-match between the CRM accounts that you have selected in CRM and what you see in the 'Discover CRM grid' of ABM -


          Reason 1 - You have CRM accounts with no contacts - You selected CRM accounts that doesn't have any contacts associated with it. To see CRM accounts in Marketo discovery, you need to have atleast 1 contact associated with the CRM account.


          Reason 2 - You have CRM accounts with same names - ABM de-dupes CRM accounts by account names. To find duplicate accounts, ABM also normalizes the CRM account names by removing unneeded suffixes (any of the following suffixes: Co, Corp, Corporation, Gmbh, Inc, Incorporated, LLC, LLP, LP, Ltd, PA, PC, PLC, PLLC). E.g. ACME and ACME Inc. will be de-duped into 1 ACME.


          Reason 3 - Accounts are not synchronized into ABM yet -  If Reason 1 and Reason 2 are not true then check in your lead database, if you have contacts from the CRM accounts that are not seen in the ABM discovery. If you don't find contacts which means those accounts are not synchronized yet.


          Also when you select CRM accounts in CRM system using custom field, it might take some time reflect that in ABM depending on how fast your CRM data is synced into Marketo.


          I will ask our documentation team to document above details. Pl. send me the email directly (mjeswani@marketo.com) for any further questions that you may have on ABM. We want to make sure your journey with ABM is as smooth as possible.


          Hope this helps.

          MJ (Mahesh Jeswani)
          Product Management

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            Anna Jensen

            I have seen these issues too. More like bugs when you try to select accounts and you get errors. Our pro serv guy has run them up the flagpole to the dev team.