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    Onboarding/Welcome emails

      I am new to Marketo, and currently setting up a series of emails to onboard new customers to a product. There are 5 emails in the series at the moment, and we are wanting to have them 5 working days apart. Customers will be continuously added to the programe from a overnight batch file upload, where I see using a filter on "product = x", "start date = yesterday".  If we do modify the content or add another email in, I do not see the requirement to send this email to the customer, if they have finished the series.

      My question is, is it best to do this as a nurture or a trigger campaign.

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          Jessica Kao

          I would recommend using the engagement nurture program.  Set the cadence to weekly on whatever day (i.e. Wednesdays at 9am)  The nurture program will allow the best flexibility to add additional emails, pause, change the order etc.  Add people to the nurture via a trigger campaign with the criteria that you have listed.

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              Josh Hill

              Hi Jessica, I disagree a bit here because of what he's asking is an irregular cadence.


              1. Batch flow runs and does several things
                1. Send Email 1
                2. Wait X time until Y day and Time
                3. Add to Engagement where then the cadence is set to once a week.  BUT, this can also mean that 2 emails go out close together in many situations. Does it really have to be 5 days?

              OPTION 2

              1. Batch flow runs and does several things
                1. Send Email 1
                2. Wait 5 days
                3. Send Email 2
                4. etc...
              2. As Jessica noted, this is harder to maintain over time.
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                Thanks Jessica - the idea is that the person gets a email as soon as they purchase the product, the day after actually and then want them to continuously move though the programme, so email 1`needs to go the next day, then email 2, 5 days after then etc. With nuture can it only be set-up to go out on a certain day?