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Adding a new send email address: Do I also need to add a new brand domain?

Question asked by ff02339ca9c53a28af36ef01fabf1ebae5ebdccc on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by Josh Hill

Hi! We would like to add a new send email address (one that we have not used before) to send an email from Marketo.


Can we simply type the email address in the From Name when we send our email, or do we need to add it as an additional Branding Domain?


Thanks in advance!


Edit/Update: On the same note, I'm also curious what best practices would be for creating a preference center when you have multiple brands? Would you typically just have one generic preference center that could be used across all brands, or would you create multiple preference centers that are specific to the brand? And if you're creating multiple preference centers, how would you go about editing the email templates' preference center links so that they are specific to the brand/audience receiving the email?