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    Guided Templates and Outlook 2016

    Rob Cummerson



      Is anyone having issues with how guided templates render using 2016?


      We have built some great templates and one minute they are working and rendering correctly and the next they are broken. We have looked at the code and it appears to left align everything when sending and that then breaks the template


      This is driving my team mad, anyone having similar experiences or know how to resolve?




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          Erica Harris

          Hi Rob,


          We were having issues with fonts in Outlook, although it wasn't Outlook 2016. We ended up getting a Litmus subscription and sent the template through Litmus in order to get the rendering acceptable for the majority of clients.  It is something of a thankless job! This isn't a solution to your issue but I would recommend using a service like Litmus so that you can do your work on the template before having to send out emails and finding the problems then.




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            Olivia Piper

            Hi Rob,


            Outlook is the bane of my life! I hope you and your team have found some answers to your problems now as I realise your post is about a month old, but I thought I would share some tips with you that I've picked up a long the way.


            Outlook DOES NOT support the following:

            • Padding on <p> or <div> tags (only use padding on the <td> tags). Outlook isn't a fan of margins either.
            • Positioning elements with CSS. Position, float, top, right, bottom, and left simply won’t work in Outlook.
            • The display property for table cells (work around is by using mso-hide:all in your CSS), however, it seems to work with images in the <img> tag.
            • Empty table cells. I either use a full stop and colour it to the background or a 1x1 pixel image and then use display:none so it doesn't show as a red cross before you download images in Outlook.

            I hope some of these bits will help you solve you alignment issue.


            Also I agree with Erica that using Litmus is a great tool before you send any emails as you have previews across all emails clients.