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    Wanted: Freelance Custom Guided Landing Page Developer

    Yolande Yip

      Hi there,


      I manage the Marketo instance for SoftNAS. We need a developer that can convert existing blank template landing pages into custom guided landing pages. We also are looking to develop an ongoing relationship for the development of guided landing pages for future projects.


      We've had some really horrible luck in the past with developers who say they are familiar with Marketo but end up doing some really hacky things that throw off conversion rate reporting because they don't understand how Marketo works. I really need to find a resource I can trust to handle these kinds of projects. MUST have extensive knowledge of Marketo guided landing pages, HTML5, CSS and tokens.


      Our company is based in Houston, TX, but I live in California, and my boss in in Florida, so we can work with all timezones, and I am flexible on availability times (I don't mind if you work non-traditional hours) as long as you are responsive and adhere to deadlines.  




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          Hi Yolande,


          This is Shailendra from Grazitti Interactive (Marketo LaunchPoint Partner).


          We have helped various Marketo customers with custom guided landing page design and development. I have customers references from San Francisco area and would be happy to connect you with them for sharing their experience and about our deep expertise in Marketo.


          Would be great, if we could hop on a call to discuss your requirement in detail.



          Shailendra Pratap

          Marketo Consultant


          +1-650 417 9738

          Email: shailendrap@grazitti.com

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            Chris Johnston

            Hi Yolande, we have a team of Marketo Certified Experts, and work with billion dollar companies creating emails and landing pages in Marketo. I'm happy to assist you and find out more about your needs as well as share more information about what we can do for you.


            Our website is www.Salytics.com and you can reach me directly via email, chris@salytics.com. You will find testimonials from several clients on the main page of our website and I am happy to connect you with several large Marketo clients as references. We are Silver Service Partners with Marketo and have sponsored past Marketing Nation Summits and will again be in San Francisco at the 2017 Summit, so you can be sure you are dealing with professionals.


            Look forward to connecting,



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              Paul Trushin

              Hi Yolande.

              I'm a Marketo-certified marketing & sales operations expert (first certified in 2012, re-certified in 2015) with 4+ years of experience, proficient in email marketing, specifically in working with Marketo and Salesforce for both, B2B and B2C segments.

              I’m normally responsible for 100% of what is  happening in Marketo hands on, and I can say, that I know it inside out: smart lists, static lists, triggered campaigns, lead scoring, you name it.

              I specialize in working on complicated projects that involve l. I'm also well versed in Marketo API - both REST and Soap, I prepared three apps for it and implemented custom integrations with third-party systems multiple times. This month I’ve completed building from group up the marketing automation process for Evault, a Carbonite subsidiary.

              My clients are mostly software companies, that strive to maximize their ROI from Marketo subscription: OpenX, Elastic, ABBYY, Carbonite are just some of the biggest ones.

              I will bring on board the experience and value, that you are looking for. If you are interested in working with me, please, let me know. I can be reached at: ptrushin@leadonance.com