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    forms in emails

      Is it possible to embed a marketo form into a marketo email or can you only have them on landing pages and if you can put them on emails, does it still put a cookie onto their device they opened the email from?

      Thanks, Lisa

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          Sanford Whiteman

          You can't embed forms in emails (this is not specific to Marketo forms).*


          You can have a single question with multiple links representing the possible answers, and style each link to look like a form button. For example, you can ask a survey question and give people Yes/No/Maybe to choose from.  But you can't post more than one answer at a time, since the answers are individual links to an LP.  You can then either filter on the Clicked Email activity to track the lead's answers, or have the LP automatically submit a form so you get a true Filled Out Form activity.


          *With a vast degree of development and care, you can create form-like response buttons for Gmail recipients only, but this is a specific proprietary case and still does not operate like an HTML form.

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