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    Unsubscribes: High-Level Analysis to Improve Marketing Strategy

    Tom Kerlin

      Hi all,


      With Q4 underway, the marketing department has been asked to help with analyzing our unsubscribes (and unsubscribe rates) to see if there is any correlation with number of emails being sent. Specifically, we're trying to determine the number of emails an email address receives per day/week/month and the corresponding number of unsubscribes.


      I wanted to know the most feasible way to go about collecting this data, whether its building smart lists or pulling reports (i.e. email performance report shows unsubscribe numbers and unsubscribe rates per asset).


      Is it possible to pull data on number of times an email is sent to particular email address (i.e. lead) per day/week/month, or can this only be accomplished by going into the individual lead's Activity Log?


      What are some unsubscribe trends that your organization has discovered?