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    Filled Out form  alerts

    Elizabeth Bonin

      Hey everyone,

      We send out alerts to our sales reps once someone fills out the form in our emails. In the body of the alert email we wanted to hyperlink the landing page so that our reps can reference it for the call. Does the skew the clicked link results if the reps are clicking the link to view the landing page once its live?

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          Grégoire Michel

          HI Elizabeth,


          Yes, the page will register the visit. But the email alert is not tracked as a "sent email" would be, meaning that no click email will be recorded and the page visit will not be logged against your lead, but against the sales rep database entry in Marketo, if any.


          So, at the end of the day, as it's unlikely your sales will fill out the from, your landing page performance percentage will be decreased.



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            Digital Pi

            I ran into this exact same issue and I didn't want my metrics to be skewed so,

            Another way is to put the last interesting moment description in the alert so they know what form or landing page they are visiting, and I had sent them hard and soft copies of a translation table with the program and what the asset was.  I also created a shared folder and put all the PDFs of the relevant asset, and printed them all out so they each had it on their desk when they were making calls.  They seemed to really like that. 

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