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Today's User Group

Discussion created by Tyson Jurgens on Oct 4, 2016

Hello fellow KC MUG members,


Just a reminder that today's user group is at the Service Management Group (SMG) office at 1737 McGee in the Crossroads.


There is a small guest parking lot out front, plenty of metered parking around the neighborhood, and some free parking down Oak by the Star building and near the Grinders area on 18th. Make sure to allot some time for parking, or take the Streetcar to 19th and Main and walk over!


Our receptionist will be there to greet you, and the elevators to your right will take you to the 5th floor, where we will be meeting in the room straight back, toward the back of the floor.


Please feel free to shoot me a email or send me a text, tyson.jurgens@gmail.com or 402-326-1194, if you need any directions or have any questions.


I hope to see you all this afternoon!


Tyson Jurgens