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    blank email (v2.0) with variables in module

    JD Nelson

      if I have a relatively blank email, yet extensive modules, how, utilizing the new "mktoAddByDefault="False"" do I associate variables to the module without adding it to the content section?


      Maybe I'm not using the mktoAddByDefault="False" correctly - but when I attempt, it's not appearing at all, let alone with missing variables, as I anticipated.

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi JD.


          I am not sure I fully understand your issue. So this is what I have tested and made to work:

          • The "mktoAddByDefault" needs to be set in the <tr class="mktoModule"> tag. This will only decide whether the modules is displayed by default or not. Do not set the "mktoActive" attribute
          • The variables that you want to use in the modules need to be defined in the template <head>, as you do usually with Variables. Once defined in the head, you can use them freely throughout the template. If you want the variables to have different values on each module or each module clone, add mktoModuleScope="True" to the variable definition.



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            Justin Cooperman

            Hi JD,


            It works as follows:


            • mktoAddByDefault can be added to the declaration of any module to indicate that the module is part of the template, but should NOT be added to new emails by default. The module IS still available in the right-hand "Modules" pane for insertion.
            • You can use variables within any module you've defined. If the variable was originally declared as mktoModuleScope="false" (the default), then the variable value the user sets in the editor will apply everywhere the variable is used (inside or outside of modules). If the variable was originally declared as mktoModuleScope="true" then each instance of a module in your email that contains that variable will have its own independent value for that variable.



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              JD Nelson

              Would it be safe to say that the Template needs to be built with every module in use, but only IN the actual body copy, when the module is called do we determine whether the module is utilized or not? That actually starts to make sense, but it not clearly stated anywhere -