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    Sync MKTO leadid to SFDC

    Mark Farnell
      Is it possible to sync the Marketo lead ID to SFDC.

      We are working with a potential partner that does not have a MKTO integration, but does have an SDFC integration.  The partner's product watches for web behaviour and reports on content tags viewed (not just URls).  We need the partner to be able to understand a known lead has visited the website and report on that behaviour direct into Salesforce.

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          Edward Masson
          I'm sure you can create a custom field in SFDC and have a workflow rule to stamp that field with the contents of 'View in Marketo'  field which contains the Marketo ID.

          I've not tried it but thats where I would work with my SFDC Admin to see if it's possible.
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            We use the Marketo ID in SFDC - our admin team set it up as a custom field.

            It is really helpful for us when we were linking up Marin pixels from Landing Pages to track through to SFDC.

            Good luck!
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              Josh Hill
              The way to do this is to create a formula field in SFDC on all records that Marketo can see:

              Ask SFDC to map ID to "SFDC ID Number" field in SFDC. Marketo will see this on each record. I do recommend using this on each Object because you may want to create direct links in your Sales Alerts.

              http://na.salesforce.com/{{lead.SFDC ID Number}}

              Yes, Marketo sometimes does see the ID #, but I've had experiences where this did not work well and a custom workaround was necessary.
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                Mark Farnell
                Hi Josh - thanks for the suggestion, but I'm a bit unclear.  Why would it be a formula field?  At this stage all I want is the marketo leadid referenced on the contact/lead in salesforce.  Isn't it a case of just creating the right field type (text?) and then mapping to the marketo leadid field in marketo field management?
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                    Jon Wu

                    I know I'm late to the party, but I had the same question. In case this helps anyone else, here's what I did.


                    I solved this by creating a Number field in Salesforce for Marketo Lead ID. Then, that gets synced with Marketo and I can have a Smart Campaign copy {{lead.id}} into that field when leads are first seen from Salesforce.


                    I tried to see if I could use Field Management to map the lead ID or even a Marketo custom formula that referenced {{lead.id}}, to my Salesforce field, but it didn't seem like you could map things that way as far as I could tell.

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