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    Prevent Leads from Entering a Second Engagement Program



      I currently have three active engagement programs. To enter a program, a lead must fill out a form on a landing page. Once they fill out the form, they will then receive a series of nurture emails over time.


      I'm looking for a way to prevent a lead from entering more than one program at a time. I know I can manually remove a lead from a program or stream, but I was hoping to automate this.


      For example, a lead visits the landing page for Program A and fills out the form. A week later, they visit the landing page for Program B and fill out the form. How can I set rules to prevent that lead from receiving nurture stream emails from both Program A and Program B?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Add "member of engagement program is any" to all smart campaigns that add leads to Engagement programs.


          BTW, you should better centralize these flow steps in the EP itself:

          For example, let say you have Gated Content (GC) A program with a form and a "fills out form" smart campaign that does a few things. And you would like any one filling out the GCA form to be added to the EP A. The "add to engagement program" flow step should be located in a smart campaign located in the EP A, not in the fills out form one in GCA.


          The reason for this is maintenance. If you scatter these flow steps around and you want to change the rule or stop this in the future, you will have a hard time finding out every place it has been done. This also were a solid naming convention comes handy, as it enables you, in EP A, to select leads that have filled out a series of forms that you identify through the naming convention, rather than having to list them one by one.