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    Sync delays into RCA?

    Aubrey Morgan

      We are using program opportunity analysis reports in RCE to calculate FT/MT reporting. Because RCE does not allow for boolean filter logic, we built a new custom field in Salesforce (populated by a workflow) to align our reports.


      When I synced the new field into RCA last week, I noticed that although our total opportunity count and amount matched up between Marketo and Salesforce, when adding a filter with the new field, the opportunity count/revenue was MUCH lower than what we were seeing in Salesforce with the same filter applied. Since then, I've noticed that the report is slowly catching up to the numbers in Salesforce each day. However, it's now been over a week and the RCA reports with this field filter are showing just about half of what is in Salesforce.


      My understanding is that there is a nightly sync between Salesforce and RCA, which I assumed meant that all the data would be refreshed fully, but now I'm questioning it.


      Has anyone noticed sync delays into RCA for opportunity fields before?