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    Video as a channel or part of other channels??

    Christina Zuniga

      Should "video" be it's own channel in Marketo or is it part of a larger content picture? I'm hoping that other marketers can weigh in on how they do things and advise whether they've made video a separate channel and are tracking success of the video channel or if it's perhaps part of "email send" or "social media" channels. Thoughts?

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          Digital Pi

          Hi Christina,


          It depends on how you want to report and roll things ups.  The way that I look at channels and whether to split something up is what do I want to compare side by side. 


          In some cases, I had a separate channel for each type of content. 

          Content - White paper

          Content - Infographic

          Content - Video


          However, this means you can't automatically roll reports up under Content.

          Another way to do it is use tags:  Have 1 Channel called Content

          And then use tags to tag the type of content.


          Most likely you will also be using programs in other channels that are promoting the video as well, say paid social, ppc, SEM, etc.  Those really should be the acquisition programs. 

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