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    SP_Send_Alert_Info - Exclude SFDC Link?

      We have a partner reseller that we'd like to send lead alerts to, however, they do not have access to our SFDC instance.

      I'd like to allow them to see the read-only marketo link that appears when using the SP Send Alert token, but don't want to add confusion by including the automatically-appended (SFDC Detail) link.

      Does anybody know if there is any way to create a dynamic link to view read-only marketo information or if there's a way to exlude SFDC links from the SP Send Alert token?
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          Nikki, there is no way to customize the SP Alert Token. I was intrigued by your question and spent some time testing different things. Here's what I have come up with...

          You will need to play with this URL:

          https://app-sjp.marketo.com/access/leadDetail?sfdcId={{lead.SFDC Id}}&tok=&panel=activity

          Customized this URL by adding a value after &tok= . Try pulling the token value from the URL when you click an SP ALERT.  It will be a very long string. You can remove the panel=activity if you would like.

          Once you have that URL above, you can create a link in your triggered alert by following these steps:
          1.           Add the text "Click here to get to this Lead's record".
          2.           Highlight this text, then select the "insert/edit link" icon in the tool bar.
          3.           In the "Link URL" field, enter in the URL you created above (using the token you found).
          This may work, but I haven't had the opportunity to test it.

          I hope this helps!