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    Facebook integration

    Vibha Rao

      1. So, the marketo email address that we created for ad-bridging has admin rights to 4 facebook ad accounts.

      However, we are only able to push lists to two of the accounts, other 2 are not working.

      Anyone has similar issues? Any solutions?


      2. When pushing leads via ad-bridge to facebook, we can't see the drop down list of existing custom audience that we have previously setup?

        • Re: Facebook integration
          Nicholas Manojlovic

          Hi Vibha,


          I have only selected one page to connect to so I can't help you with question 1. Perhaps;

          - When you setup the Facebook account in Admin / Launchpoint, you get the option of choosing which pages you would like to manage. You might want to double check there.

          - The pages are drawn from which permissions your Facebook account has permissions to access, so that is another variable you might want to check.


          For question 2, on my instance I can see a list of existing custom audiences. So that is what you should be getting also.

          From memory, there are a few permission levels in Facebook, ranging from superuser to read-only analyst. Again - another variable you might want to check.