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    Best practice on exiting "Success" leads from an engagement program?

      What is the best practice to exit successful leads from an engagement program (EP)? I haven't been able to find an answer to this question anywhere - not in the docs or the forums.


      For example, let's say my success criterion is an opportunity created. I have a smart list within the EP that watches out for that and then changes the lead's program status to "Success"/"Engaged"/etc. How do I then "exit" this lead from the EP altogether, in other words, let Marketo know it's all good on this lead, no need to go further? I know removing the lead is bad because stats will be lost. So should I:

      1. Pause lead in program
      2. Put lead into an empty stream within the same EP
      3. 1 AND 2
      4. Neither 1 nor 2, but another best practice solution?


      Thank you!