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    Driving me Cazzzzyy. mktEditable

      So, I have used several MAS systems and all of them kinda work a little different and have their pros and cons on the edit of landing pages/email side.

      Marketo allows you to add an "ID" and a class of "mktEditable" to an html tag. I assume by letting me do this, I can then have a template that people click on and edit content within those mktEditable tag. But ultimately all I can do is edit the CSS of that area, which offers very little value, if I am setting up a theme/template. Which is mostly setting the CSS and page areas, css, etc through the template. To me template means all of these things. The css being editable means very little to me and would actually be a bad thing as a developer/designer if I have a marketer that I wantt just fill in content for the page by making landing pages but not ruin the template.

      Is this possible? am I missing something? Has the world gone mad? I think hubspot has the right approach on this, whre the page is setup through theme, then the content is clicked on and edited. I guess my best example besides a competitor would be http://www.pagelime.com - it allows you to click on the text of a page and edit it. 

      Can I edit the content of a Marketo section/ID with the class "mktEditable"?? or is every everything just based on me dragging elements onto the pages and having them float, like horrible CSS absolute positioned POS's.

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          I was able to rig something up, but still not the best fit I think for what I want to do, unless I wantt o create programs for every landing page. I typically don't keep all of my assets within a Program, I keep them within Design Studio. 

          I can create custom tokens within programs. 

          Is there a way to create custom tokens for usage within Design Studio?

          Thinking maybe there is a way with Dynamic content. 

          Interested to see what people will come up with.