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How to apply Salesforce-style logic to Lead Reports in Revenue Explorer

Question asked by 7ab37cec9d10a5044dc1fa8359fb889f22707273 on Sep 26, 2016

Hi, does anyone know if it's possible to apply enhanced logic to the lead reports in Revenue Explorer?


e.g. Specifically what I want to do is see leads from all Lead Sources, cross referenced with the field "Marketing ID", but I want some Lead Sources to not show data if the "Marketing ID" field is blank, and other Lead Sources to show data even if the "Marketing ID" field is blank.


For example, in this situation I do not want to see "Not Available" Marketing ID leads for the source "MktOther", but I DO want to see the "Not Available" data for the lead source "MKTPLC Chat."

marketo lead report.jpg


In Salesforce, or other tools, you could apply the logic:


(1 or (2 and 3))

1. Lead Source equals "MKTPLC Chat"

2. Lead Source equals "MktOther"

3. Marketing ID not equal to "______"


Is that type of filtering possible here?