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    ALERT: Twitter Connection Gone

    Christina Zuniga

      I've been working with support because leads from my Twitter Lead Generation Cards are captured in Twitter but never make it to Marketo. With Sanford Whiteman's amazing help, we determined that Twitter was sending the information but Marketo was not receiving it. He was instrumental in setting up a way to send from Twitter > Sandy's Gateway > Marketo that seemed to fix the issue, but today Support said that the Gateway does not consistently work and the connection to Twitter does not work.


      I reached out to Twitter but wasn't successful in getting help on their end and support says without their help this can't be fixed. I pointed out that Twitter is their partner, Tier 1 support for users won't help me but their product manager should have a contact within Twitter. They said that Twitter is not a partner and when I pointed out the Launchpoint page (below) they said that will be taken down soon since it's not accurate.


      Am I the only one who can't get leads from Twitter? Support says it's global, but I can't believe that with this many customers people either didn't notice the loss of leads or weren't using Twitter. Anyone else notice this?