September 2016 MUG Recap

Discussion created by e16d61a04e4a391624f546a7c43b6da534efe7dd on Sep 22, 2016

Hello Minneapolis MUG members,

Thank you for joining us for the September meeting (or reading about it now here)! It was great seeing everyone again and meeting some new members as well.


Attached here is the deck we presented today.


Thank you to David Myers for joining us and providing an RTP demo and Q&A session. Please let us or David know if you have any follow up questions for him.


Thank you to Leadous for sponsoring today. Also, just a note that the "landing village" Robert shared is: at.sportsengine.com/helpful_community.html


We look forward to seeing you in November and January and trying our new meeting format. This will feature a structured conversation or group discussion time for the first hour and then workshop time to allow for collaboration and networking for the rest of the time.


RSVP now for November 10th

RSVP now for January 12th