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    What does a "seat" in ABM give users (vs. not having a seat)?

    Dan Stevens.

      It was pointed out to me today that the cost of the ABM solution is not only priced by number of accounts, but also number user seats.  Since ABM will be a very integral part of our overall environment, our assumption was that all Marketo users would have access to the new ABM capabilities (primarily engagement (ability to leverage the new triggers/filters/flow steps) and reporting/dashboards).  In addition, those that don't have seats in Marketo - such as our sales/account teams and sales/marketing leadership - have a lot of interest in the reporting/dashboards (which I heard would be available in v2 via some sort of browser plug-in).  My questions to the product team are:

      • What does it mean to have a "seat" in ABM? 
      • What sort of capabilities will be missing if we don't provide a seat to one of our country marketers who work in Marketo?
      • Are seats also needed for our stakeholders using the browser plug-in?
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          Arjun Nair

          Hi Dan Stevens.,


          One way to look at features of our ABM product in V1 is to put them into two broad buckets.


          1) Features/Abilities that help you manage and view your Named Accounts through the new ABM tile in “My Marketo”. This bucket would include features like:


          a. The ability to create/discover Named Accounts from your CRM accounts, Marketo records and the UI

          b. The ability to create Named Account lists

          c. The Named Account Dashboard

          d. The Account List Dashboard

          e. The Main ABM Dashboard


          These features need an ABM seat to access. Its kinda like how the Global Calendar license assignment  works.


          2) Features/abilities that show up in other various places in MKTO that help you engage folks based on the Named Accounts/Lists created. This would include:


          a.  New filters in your Smart Campaigns (Member of Named Account, Member of Account List) and the relevant triggers (Added to Named Account, Removed from Named Account)

          b. New flow actions (Add to Named Account, Remove from Named Account

          c. Ability to use Account lists in Web Personalization

          d. The Named account dimension in relevant RCA reports

          e. Named Account dimension in Email Insights

          f. Named account as an attribute that can be used in any Lead Grid.


          Access to these features do not need an ABM seat. Rather access to these would depend on if a user has access to the relevant area of the app. I think this section would apply to your country managers who don’t have an ABM seat.


          Regarding - Are seats also needed for our stakeholders using the browser plug-in?


          We will be introducing the notion of “Sales Users” (specific name tbd) soon. These folks will have an experience that is relevant to them like View the Named Accounts that they care about, subscribe to alerts etc.  You choose which sales users take up a seat.


          Btw – the documentation of ABM is up. http://docs.marketo.com/display/public/DOCS/Account+Based+Marketing


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              Dan Stevens.

              Thanks Arjun Nair.  Sounds like Marketo ABM could get extremely expensive and restrictive for global organizations like ours where so many folks would want account-level access (reporting, dashboards, etc.).  Having 50 active users in Marketo, about 25 additional marketers who would like access to the ABM insights, and over 500 sellers, I can see this costing more than our base Marketo license (and we're already well into six figures).  Has there been talk of offering read-only views that don't require a seat?  It's the dashboards that the majority of our teams want access to.

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