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    Images not showing up in Preview via tokens (Email Editor 2.0)

    Joshua Weinstein

      Has anyone else experienced images not showing up in Preview after upgrading to Email Editor 2.0?


      We use text tokens for our images and while they never showed up in Edit mode, they always showed up in Preview mode until we upgraded to 2.0. Now, the only time they show is when we send a test. Great that happens for the end customer, but for our marketing managers, it's a bit of a hassle. I have tried adjusting the code to require the full URL in the token [i.e., src="{{my.email-banner}}"] as well as having it just need everything after the http:// [i.e., src="http://{{my.email-banner}}"]. I even thought maybe it didn't like the dash in my token name, but that didn't change anything. Anyone else experiencing the same issue and/or know how to resolve?