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report on marketing influenced leads

Question asked by 43119 on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by 43119
Hi All,

I am trying to develop some reports on marketing influenced leads by week.  So these are leads that may have come in through another channel, but engaged with us either through email, social, or the website at some point during the buying cycle.

We do use programs with success steps, but we don't have the RCA.

One idea I am considering is an influenced score.  This is different than the lead score beause it is just scoring on level of engagement vs lead score which is both engagement and demographics.

So every week, we would look  all the opportunities created and evaluate the leads' influenced scores to see how many leads we touched. I like this option because it shows a range of engagement.

We have many leads that come directly through sales without ever visiting the website or receiving an email from us. 

Another idea is to run a report of opporunities opened per week AND the lead has at least program success status.

I'm curious how other have tackled reporting on infuenced leads.