Job Opening: Lead Program Specialist

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Navy Mutual, a financial services military non-profit, is looking for a Lead Program Specialist to help fuel growth.


Challenge 1: Analytical Skills Required

Of your high school or college friends, how many were into mathematics and statistics? It my class it was a minority. And that’s just the minority that we need: people who are good with numbers and heroes with pivot tables. And ideally they’re also good with software applications and can do a little bit of HTML coding.

Challenge 2: Marketing & Sales Skills Required

These analytical skills need to be applied to solve business problems. A thorough understanding of sales & marketing processes is required. This is especially important because sales & marketing collaboration is often a bottleneck. This should just as easily talk to a sales person as to a web developer.

Challenge 3: Experience With 10+ Systems Required

And last but not least: it would be great if the candidate has experience with the systems that are used in marketing. In addition to a marketing automation systems, these are usually CRM systems, content management systems, pay-per-click systems and reporting applications. And this is not just familiarity with the tools, but also experience with the most common tasks like data acquisition, import, cleanup, testing and reporting.


Experience with:

  • Marketing Automation software
  • Sales Force Automation software (primarily Salesforce.com)
  • Database management (segmentation, reporting and maintenance)
  • Email Marketing
  • List acquisition and import
  • Organic and paid search campaigns
  • Data analysis, reporting and business intelligence
  • Optimization & A/B testing, Continuous improvement

  Required skills:

  • Analytical and metrics-focused, Excel skills
  • Technically savvy, comfortable with software applications
  • Understanding of business needs (incl. sales & marketing processes)
  • Good communicator, and ability to communicate with a non-technical audience

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Serves as a primary resource for the development of strategic sales leads; work closely with the Sales Team in order to identify sales leads and to develop those leads into sales opportunities
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge of Navy Mutual’s core products and mission via successful completion of required sales training program and utilize this knowledge to successfully manage lead generation operations with Marketing
  • Act as the principal Sales liaison with Marketing to design and maintain a successful B2C qualified lead generation campaign that meets Navy Mutual’s demographic and lead conversion targets
  • Serve as primary resource within Sales for researching and prospecting qualified new business leads with Marketing by utilizing the internet, media, referrals and other resource material in order to create lead generation; responsible for identifying and tracking prospective members
  • Manage the lead distribution channel to ensure qualified leads are timely delivered to Navy Mutual’s Sales Team
  • Plan and forecast lead generation requirements to ensure Navy Mutual’s sales goals are met or exceeded
  • Assist in Development of integrated lead-generation process and programs; ability to take projects from concept through implementation to ensure lead generation strategy is aligned with sales goals
  • Utilize marketing automation software and the CRM platform to manage the lead generation and distribution pipeline to the Sales Team
  • Design and maintain a comprehensive lead data analytic program and provide management with regular analysis and reports on lead generation in support of Navy Mutual’s sales goals; creation of ideas and initiatives to improve lead-generation performance; work with the Sales Team to elicit and gather feedback on lead quality
  • Continuously research and remain knowledgeable of industry trends and competition
  • Comply with all pertinent laws/regulations, Bylaws and policies established by the Board, and all written/verbal instructions received from the VP of Sales and the Director of Sales
  • Other duties as assigned


Why Work at Navy Mutual?
Our guiding principle is to serve our Members the same way they serve our country - with integrity, passion and commitment.

  - Committed to giving back to our military families.
  - We offer rewarding and challenging careers
  - Career development and growth
  - Work in a team environment, where your ideas can be shared
  - Committed to Employee Engagement
  - Excellent benefits

Taking care of those who take care of our members
Navy Mutual strives to provide our employees with competitive and comprehensive benefits.  Below is a list of some of the benefits we provide to Navy Mutual employees:

  - Health Insurance (100% of premiums paid for employees)
  - Dental Insurance (100% of premiums paid for employees and dependents)
  - Mirror all Federal Holidays + PTO up to 30 days per year
  - Defined Benefit Pension & Defined Contribution 401(k): 100% match up to 3.5%
  - Continuing Education Benefits with 100% reimbursement + bonus
  - Life Insurance & AD&D (100% of premiums paid for employees and dependents)

  - Short Term & Long Term Disability
  - Travel Insurance (100% of premiums paid for employees)
  - Max Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Metro Check benefits
  - Free garage parking!



Please email cover letter and resume to rholt@navymutual.org