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    Sales Alert vs Smart List Subscription

    Kim Gandy

      I'm working to prioritize the types of sales alerts our team receives and save their inboxes. For large quantities of sales alerts (ex: subscription renewals), has anyone tried subscribing their sales team to a daily/weekly smart list rather than individual sales alerts? Any significant pros or cons?


      Any best practices for types of sales alerts to set up? Example: perfect lead score, interesting moment, etc.

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          Jessica Kao

          I use alerts instead of smart list subscriptions.  What I have found is that reps only want to see their own information instead of other peoples info.  Alerts are specific to only the leads that they own and they care about.  With smart lists, I'm assuming you are sending them all demo sign ups for this week for example and you would have leads owned by multiple reps. 


          For things like lead score or interesting moments I am very selective with the type of alerts.  I balance the use of MSI vs alerts to their inbox.  Demo request definitely alert worthy, or MQL.  Clicked on an email, that can be viewed in MSI. 

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