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    How to create a smart list from multiple forms & variables

      I'm trying to make 3 collect-all smart lists for our services.

      I've got 6 defined forms (2 for each service) and 1 form that has a drop down selector.

      I also want to keep inferred countries as Canada & US.


      My logic right now is


      (1 or 2) and 3 

      Where 1 & 2 are the two defined forms for a service, and 3 is the inferred country.


      I'd like to be able to separate form submissions on the 1 form that has a drop down selector.

      Service A, Service B, and Service C.


      When a lead selects Service A, I want them to be added to the "Service A Submissions" smart-list that has the logic previously explained in it - I assume I'll have to change the logic on the list itself.

      What logic and filters do I need to add to the smart list to accomplish this? I couldn't find anything in the constraints  when adding a "Filled out Form" filter.

      Could it be the querystring option?


      Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to create another smart list specifically for this form.



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          Josh Hill

          Smart lists are dynamic, so yes, the logic and filters need to pick up the values the lead provides. I am unsure which field values because they are unique to you. I doubt they would appear under Constraints.


          • Service Type=picklist?
          • Service Type A=check box or something else?


          If either are true, then the lead will automatically get picked up by your Service A smart list. If you prefer to use Add to List, then


          Fills Out Form=X on Page Y


          Service A=TRUE




          Add to List A

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              Here is my exact scenario.


              a form where you can request to be contacted for - permanent, temporary, or general services (this is a picklist / dropdown)

              a form where you can request to be contacted specifically for permanent services


              The Smart List I have set up currently is:

              Filter: Filled out form - Permanent Services Form

              Filter: Inferred country - Canada / United States


              I need to add another filter to pick up when a lead submits the first form and selects Permanent Services from the picklist.

              I don't have a filter on this smart list currently to pick up said action - I can't figure out how to add it either.


              These are people that have specifically requested to be contacted for a service - there are other forms on our website that ask what services the leads require (or use) or I would have set up a smart list that just said  Filter: Service Required - Permanent.


              Would the best option here for these lists then be

              (1 or 2) and 3


              1 = Direct request FORM

              2 = Form with the pick list

              3 = Service Required - Permanent


              My only issue with the above is that the Direct Request form doesn't require the leads to input the services they require. (I could create a hidden auto-fill with "Permanent Services" etc to solve this I think)

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                  Grégoire Michel

                  Hi Chad,


                  You will have to combine in your filters

                  • Filled out form
                  • Field X IS


                  You could also use a data value changed on a given field, with a source = form fill out constraint, but this would only work if the form is not the first one the lead fills out.


                  Other point: when you combine a filled out form fiter and a field value IS filter, you might get some weird results if the same lead has entered the same form many times with different values. To avoid this, you may want to use triggered campaign that add the leads to static leads immediately, then test membership to the list in your smart list instead. The trigger you will use is a "fills out form", combined to a "field IS Value" filter.