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    Dynamic Content based on Email Domain


      I'm looking for a way to add some text and the Google Promo's tab image in communications that go just to our gmail subscribers. Probably looking for something like an IF/Then statement. Where the IF would be equal to email address contains gmail.com and the THEN would be display this content.

      Anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish this - would it be dynamic content or would it be something that is handcoded into the template?


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          Josh Hill
          You have two or three choices:
          •           Segmentations based on Email Address CONTAINS @gmail.com which enables Dynamic Content.
          •           Use a separate Email or Email Template for @gmail and ensure that your Send Email campaign says "If List is Gmail Subscribers, then Send Gmail Email."

          I like #2 better in most cases. Option 1 is great if you plan to do this for several other domains like msn, outlook, yahoo.com, etc.