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    How do I mass rescore leads in Marekto

    Petyr Campos

      My org has recently implement a new revenue cycle model using the smart campaigns to track and update the different lead life cycles and lead scores between Marketo and SFDC. We did our testing in PROD.


      Now I want to updated all my records in Marketo and SFDC to reflect the new revenue cycle model. How do I do that?

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          Jessica Kao

          It will depend on what are the rules that govern when a lead belongs to a particular stage of your lead life cycle. 


          For stages that are defined by being on an opportunity, that's pretty easy to load in your lead life cycle.  Ones where a specific stage is represented by having 1-49 points, its very difficult to back date scoring activity.  My recommendation for scoring when you launch a new life cycle is to base line and start behavioral score from 0 for everyone so everyone is starting from the same place.  I also recommend having a regular scoring program to decrease for inactivity. 

          Did you also launch a new scoring system to go with your new lead life cycle.  If you did, then

          1) Make a back up file with all leads and their current score

          2) Set all scores to zero

          3) Batch load Demographic score if you have any

          4) Load the lead life cycle based on the rules


          Can you provide more context around what is new LLC, scoring or both?

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