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    Reset Webex Integration

      I recently set up a webinar event in Marketo, and my co-worker did the setup on the Webex side. We received several registrants before I set up the event under Event Partner. Now, a message appears: "The webinar settings can not be modified once there are members in the event." I was told there is a workaround for this, but I cannot find any information in the Community or in the User Guide (http://pages2.marketo.com/rs/marketob2/images/Marketo-WebEx-Adapter-User-Guide.pdf) to assist. I understand that the order of creation is (1) Create Webex event; (2) Create Marketo event; and (3) Integrate the events. These may not have been created in the correct order. What is the best way to integrate Marketo and Webex after there are members already associated with the event, and if the Marketo event was created first? Should I create a new event?
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          Why not just recreate the webinar in the correct order and sync the leads that registered for the first event with the new event? 
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            I can do that. After cloning the event to create a new event with all things being equal, and then creating the Webex integration under Event Partners for the new one, what is the best way to move membership from the old event to the new one before I delete the old event? 
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              John in Support gave this solution, so I thought I'd post it for any future viewers:

              "The best way to handle this situation is to export a list of your leads, then set all of their statuses to "Not In Program". This will clear out the Program and allow you to sync it with your WebEx event. After that you can import the list of leads again and give the registered status to anyone who should have it. That will push their information to WebEx."

              Ahh...so simple. No need to create a new event.