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Adding a filter to a stream

Question asked by Trish Voskovitch on Sep 19, 2016
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When we email people we always add a filter of "not was sent email in past X days" to keep from spamming. we do not have this as a global rule for various reasons.


Anyway,  I have built a nurture stream with 9 emails over 9 weeks and wanted to add a filter so that a person won't get the next email in stream if they have gotten an an email from us in last X days and will get it when that time frame passes. We need this as other emails are happening as well (events, webinars, etc.)


Can you have this level of filtering in streams? It means recipient casts could get staggered so I assume I can't do this but wanted to ask. Even if I have at the Global level to only email people every X days I would assume they would just stall in the cast or just get the next one that casts versus just continuing in stream once eligible.




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